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If you are a woman looking for a same-sex dating site with a twist, then LesbianPersonals.com is the place to go.  LesbianPersonals.com is targeted to an obviously specific audience, but there a few aspects of the site that might differ from other same-sex dating sites.  In addition to member profiles, the site contains message boards, blogs and an online magazine section with user submitted articles.

You can use LesbianPersonals.com for free with limited access or sign up as a paid premium member to enjoy the additional benefits offered to premium members.  Free members can create a profile and have limited access to other members’ profiles.   They can also participate in chat rooms and send instant messages.  Women can meet other single women, lesbian couples, straight couples or hook-up with gender non-specific groups.  The site is clearly focused on same sex connections, but you will find that there are some women on the site that are also interested in meeting men.  You will see this mostly when you browse profiles, but if you do a specific search, you can weed out those profiles if you don’t want to see them.  This lends a somewhat different feeling to what typical same-sex dating sites are all about.

Premium membership at LesbianPersonals.com offers added benefits, such as being able to view full member profiles and receiving and sending emails.  Some free members can receive limited access to some of the paid premium membership benefits based on the popularity of their profile or by engaging in a certain level of participation in the user submitted sections of the site (such as the online magazine, blogs, or message boards).

Once you’ve decided to become a member of LesbianPersonals.com, creating a profile is fairly simple.  You only need to include a few details about yourself and you must include an open-ended description of what type of person you are looking to find and what kind of relationship you are seeking.  Members don’t always fill out all the info on their profiles, but by having that required free-form response on each member’s profile, you will get a better idea of who they are and what they’re looking for.

Some of the special sections of the site, such as message boards and chat rooms, may have a more generalized sexual nature sometimes, rather than just a specifically lesbian feel to them, but that may be due to the fact that men do show up on the site and enter into discussions.  Most of the men are polite and respectful, but members may find their participation irrelevant to the site and its intended purpose.

Despite the fact that there is some male involvement in the site, LesbianPersonals.com is clearly a same sex dating site focused on women looking to make a connection with other women.  The site has a modest visitor rate and as with other online dating sites, it’s all about how many people go to the site that determines the selection of people that members can potentially meet.

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