Millionaire Mate Review

mm_boxIf you are in the market to meet successful and beautiful people, then head on over to!  The dating site is geared to those that are looking for someone that is attractive and/or has money, although those attributes are somewhat arbitrary and can’t always be verified.  Of course, monetary wealth may be easier to quantify that beauty because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

One way that differs from other dating sites and tries to make sure that its members are truly “successful and beautiful” is through a confirmation process.  The confirmation process is optional and not many people may take advantage of it, but it is available.   Members can verify their appearance by providing a copy of photo identification and can confirm that they at least have a job by including an employee ID and business card or company letterhead with their name on it.  Income can be verified through a driver’s license and an income tax statement or bank statement.   The documents can be sent to via email or fax, but again, this is an optional process.

Like many other online dating sites, provides members with the option to have limited access to some of the sites attributes without paying a fee, or to upgrade to a paid premium membership.   Setting up a member profile is quick and easy and only has a few required fields, along with a required brief essay that you can use to describe a bit about yourself.  Some of the fields are optional and you can decide whether you want to include them or not – that includes whether you want to include information about your income.  All members can include a video introduction, if they wish.

There are a few criteria you can use to search for members on the site, although you cannot just search for those members that have verified their profiles by submitting the required information.  You can search by zip code so that you can find only local people and there are some other arbitrary search criteria, such as bra size, but some of those search options are only available to premium members.

Free membership offers the ability to send ‘winks’ to flirt with other members but the only way to make contact with other members is through the site’s email process.  Free members cannot initiate email messages, but they can reply to up to ten email messages daily that are sent to them from premium members at no charge.  However, premium members can pay an additional fee if they want to allow free members to initiate contact to them.   Free membership also limits access to full member profiles, so there is not too much you can do without upgrading to a paid membership. is an online dating site that is, in theory, geared to the rich and the beautiful, but the most important criteria about whether the site is worth joining is how many visitors it attracts.  The site does maintain a modest amount of visitor traffic, which means there are people using the site and in some cases it outperforms competitive sites. is a bit pricier to join than some of the other online dating sites on the internet, but then again, if you are being honest about your wealth and success, then what’s a few extra dollars to be part of this elite “club”?


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  1. $$ says:

    Lot of gold diggers on there, so if your rich and single(or married) your set.

  2. Success says:

    I verified my income with them so ladies would know I’m actually rich and since they have a verification process through the site. I have all the girls I could ever want. Don’t let them take advantage of your since you were successful.

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